ROMPOS Terms of Service

ROMPOS Terms of Service

National Center for Cartography, hereinafter referred to as CNC, manager of ROMPOS services and products

1A Expozitiei Bvd, Sector 1, Bucharest
Phone no: +40 21 224 39 67
Bank account: RO57TREZ701501503X017556 opened at the Treasury of Sector 1 Bucharest,
CUI 14057015
Institution  subordinated to the ANCPI.

1. General conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions equate to a contract for the provision of services and the purchase of ROMPOS products or services and imply the default agreement of ROMPOS users upon them.
1.2 The following terms and conditions apply to position code 1.2.6-GNSS records from a reference station and code 3.1.2. – Real-time GNSS positioning services in the Annex Order No. 16/2019 on the approval of tariffs for services provided by the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising and its subordinated institutions, hereinafter referred to as ' products ' and ' services ' and which are available for purchase on the platform or by making the payment to the National Centre for Cartography bank account using a payment order.
1.3 These terms are in addition to the terms and conditions of use of the website accessible at
1.4 There may be deviations from the terms and conditions of use of ROMPOS services only if they are communicated by official address by the National Centre for Cartography.
1.5 The terms and conditions imposed by the client (ROMPOS user) are expressly excluded from the entire commercial relationship. In particular, the mere omission of a CNC contradiction opposing other terms and conditions issued by third parties does not imply their tacitly acceptance.
1.6 In the event of ongoing obligations, CNC is entitled to change these Terms and conditions. The customer will be informed about these changes. If the customer objects to them within two weeks of communication, CNC is entitled to suspend access to products from the date when the additions to these terms and conditions come into force.
1.7 Where certain points of these terms and conditions become invalid or partly legally valid, the remainder shall remain in force.
1.8 The products and services mentioned in these terms and conditions also fall within all cases covered by Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007 establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in the European Community (INSPIRE).

2. Products and services provided by CNC through ROMPOS

2.1 The main features of CNC products and services can be found on the website under "technical information".
2.2 Descriptions, sketches or illustrations related to products and services provided in the online or printed form are created within the limits of their own capacities. CNC assumes no responsibility for printing errors, modification of the technical characteristics of the products or services as well as the availability over time, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. In this context, CNC is not directly liable for direct or indirect damages, including financial losses, except for certain features that are directly guaranteed to the customer by official address.
2.3 Access to the ROMPOS products and services management platform ( is done only through a single ANCPI user (on e-Terra or e-payment).
2.4 CNC is not directly responsible for the availability of the purchase of products and services in the E-Payment that is in the administration of the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration(ANCPI). The temporary unavailability due to the maintenance work of the payment platform shall not be subject to compensatory requests.

3. Terms and conditions of payment

3.1 The payment of ROMPOS products and services is available in two ways: online using the payment platform and through payment orders for the RO57TREZ701501503X017556 bank account opened at the Treasury of Sector 1 Bucharest.
3.2 In case of payment via the ANCPI e-payment platform, the terms and conditions for the respective platform shall apply.
3.3 The amounts paid by ROMPOS users are converted into credits used to activate the services or purchase of products within the ROMPOS management platform (, the duration of this process being determined by the duration which the payment processor operates those transactions.
3.4 Users who pay by payment order will validate their online payments on the ROMPOS management platform (, with the credit being available in the user account within 1 day from the date of entry of the amount paid to the CNC account.
3.5 CNC does not issue invoices for charges received in order to provide services rendered in the specific field of activity, including the situations in which payments are done by bank transfer in accordance with Law 150/2015 art. 7.

4. Contractual partner (client) – ROMPOS user

4.1 The purchase of ROMPOS products and services is conditional upon the creation of a single ANCPI account (e-payment, E-Terra) or the use of an existing one. The registration process is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the website.
4.2 The ROMPOS user is directly responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data provided.
4.3 The modification of user-related data will be operated online as soon as possible or the ROMPOS staff will be notified via email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4.4 The user is solely responsible for the security of access data in the system (username and password) and actions carried out with their help. Successful authentication ensures that the user isverified by CNC which does not take further steps to verify its identity. CNC cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting from a security breach caused by the user.

5. General terms of the contractual relationship

5.1 The language used for orders and contract terms is romanian language.
5.2 All received orders are considered as offers for the conclusion of a contract.
5.3 The user is constrained by the contract from the moment the account is credited to the ROMPOS management interface until the credits are depleted and the service expires.
5.4 The use of data provided through ROMPOS is not constrained for specific purposes, unless this has been directly specified by mutual agreement in writing.
5.5 The user cannot transfer his rights and obligations to third parties without the prior consent of the CNC.
5.6 Any complaints regarding the contractual relationship will be addressed by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Special entries on the contractual relationship

6.1 GNSS records from a reference station will be provided online by mentioning UTC time, data being supplied in RAW format, at the sampling rate of 1s in individual 1h files, for divisions of the time the order will address the territorial offices of cadastre using the GNSS data request form (, in which case you will make the payment to that office at the cashier or by payment order.
6.2 In the case of orders through the data request form, you can check the availability of data in the ROMPOS administration account under RINEX.
6.3 The purchase of ROMPOS services and products through the ANCPI e-payment platform requires the use of a compatible web browser.
6.4 Confirmation of an order is made at the time the credit emerges the ROMPOS administration account.
6.5 The contractual relationship is valid only when the order is confirmed.

7. Rates

7.1 The values of the tariffs for ROMPOS products and services are in the annex to the Order No. 16/2019 in paragraphs 1.2.6 and 3.1.2
7.2 GNSS records from a reference station (code 1.2.6) are charged at 15lei/hour
7.3 Real-time GNSS positioning services (COD 3.1.2) are charged 100 lei/month/device and 1000lei/year/device.

8. Delivery of products and availability of services

8.1 GNSS records from a reference station ordered online are delivered in real time immediately after launching the order.
8.2 In the case of GNSS records from a reference station ordered by order form, the delivery deadline shall be 2 working days from the date of receipt of the payment.
8.3 If an order cannot be honoured for technical reasons not under the control of CNC, it shall contact the user directly and agree on a mutually agreed delivery time.
8.4 If the records of reference stations delivered online become corrupted when accessing, the data will be remade available by the CNC after prior notification of the user, if the data alteration is due to CNC.
8.5 In case of incomplete deliveries of reference station records (hour fractions) the segments exceeding 30 minutes are charged as an entire hour.

9. Warranty and legal liability

9.1 For users of GNSS real time positioning services, in case of system failure for longer than one day, the subscriptions will be automatically extended by 1 day or the number of days of inoperability.
9.2 CNC is not responsible for the use of inappropriate or incompatible equipment or software used to process the data transmitted by it.
9.3 If the quality of the records of reference stations delivered online (over 50% interference on the segment provided) they will be replaced by similar records of proper quality, fact agreed upon with the user at request. In this case, the paid amount shall not be reimbursed.

10. Permission to use access

10.1 Unless otherwise stated, the CNC holds all intellectual property rights over IT resources and the information contained therein.
10.2 The user is forbidden to:
• sell, rent or sub-license the services or products;
• redistribute or public display of any purchased product;
• reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploit of materials or information from the computer resource accessed for a commercial purpose (unless the content is specifically made available for redistribution);
• edit or modify information or materials from the computer resource accessed.

11. Refund Policy

Refund of amounts unduly collected by the ANCPI and subordinated institutions shall be made in accordance with the provisions of:
a. OMFP 2465/2010, for the approval of the procedure for the refund of amounts of revenues received from the work carried out by public authorities and institutions reorganised as public institutions fully financed from the State budget, according to annexes No. 1 and 2 to Law No. 329/2009;
b. OMFP 528/2015, for the approval of the procedure for the refund of amounts of taxes or other revenue of the state budget, paid in excess or undue and for which there is no obligation to declare.
in conjunction with the provisions of the Operational procedure PO-7.5-20, for the refund of amounts unduly collected by the ANCPI and subordinated institutions.

12. Protection of personal data

The privacy and data security provisions, as well as the protection of personal data, can be found under terms and conditions of use of the

13. Force Majeure

The force majeure removes the civil liability of the party invoking it and represents an unpredictable and insurmountable event for one of the parties emerged after the activation of the service, such as, but unlimited: state of war, state of necessity, embargo, laws, regulations, decisions or directives of any government with jurisdiction in matters relating to this contract, or any act or situation beyond the reasonable control of the parties recognised by the law as a case of force majeure.

14. Litigation

14.1 Any disagreement related to the use of this service will be resolved amicably.
14.2 If disagreements are not settled amicably they will be resolved by the competent courts in Romania.

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