Meteo Sensors

Meteo sensors

The GPS reference stations located in Baia Mare, Brăila, Cluj, Deva, Sibiu, Suceava and Timişoara are equipped with high-performance meteorological sensors of MET 3A-type, which accurately record, every 1 minute, temperature, pressure and the humidity of the place where this station is located.
The MET 3A-type weather sensor, produced by the american company Paroscientific Inc., has the following performances and features:
-Pressure Accuracy ±0.08 hPa from 620 to 1100 hPa
-Temperature Accuracy ±0.1 deg C from -50 to +60 C
-Relative Humidity Accuracy ±2 Percent from 0 to 100 %RH at 25 deg C.
-Rapid Humidity Recovery Time after Saturation.
-Weatherproof Enclosure
-Fan Aspirated Probe System
-High Performance Pressure Port (Wind Insensitive)
-Bi-Directional RS-232 Serial Bus
-User Selectable Parameters Including Resolution, Update Rate
-Engineering Units, Sampling Commands etc. with Supplied Software
-LED Status Indicators (Power, Transmit, Receive)
-3 Year Long-term Stability Warranty
-Interfaces with GPS Receivers, Data Loggers and Computers
-Free zero adjustment
Example of a weather data file:




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