How can I access ROMPOS services?

How can I access ROMPOS services? Featured

A. Real-time ROMPOS services can be easily accessed by following these 5 steps:

1. ANCPI user account and accessing the ROMPOS administration platform
2. Payment of services
3. Defining the rovers on the ROMPOS administration platform
4. Activating a ROMPOS service subscription
5. Rover configuration

1. ANCPI user account and accessing the ROMPOS administration platform
You must have an ANCPI user account for platform authentication. People who do not have an ANCPI account can access that has the option to create a new ANCPI account.
The ROMPOS online service management platform can be accessed at: . We provide you with the following services:
1. Management of the rovers and their subscriptions to GNSS real time positioning services.
2. Downloading GNSS records from a permanent station.
3. Management of ROMPOS Credits (RTK credits and RINEX credits) for acquiring available services.

NOTE: The user and password inserted into the rover are automatically generated for each rover after its addition to the system. This operation can be performed in the Rovers section of the application. To be able to perform RTK determinations you must have an ACTIVE subscription on the rover (this is added from the Rover subscription menu).

 2. Payment of services
Payment methods details can be found here.
Case a) If payment has been successful through e-payment ( the credits will be available in your account within 5 minutes of payment of the services. To use them, you must log in to the ROMPOS services administration platform with the same email address and password used to purchase the services.
Attention! If you have paid e-payment there is no need to upload any proof of payment on the platform.

Case b) For payments via PO you need to upload proof of payment (scan jpg or PDF of the PO) to the ROMPOS platform in the PO registration section (pay attention to the correct selection of the service paid by PO, as well as the paid amount). The paid amount will be converted into credits within 1 day from the time we receive confirmation of the payment from the treasury, and you will receive an email notification.

3. Defining the rovers on the ROMPOS administration platform

After logging into the ROMPOS Service Management platform ( go to the ROVERS/RTK section and then the Rovers option from the left drop-down menu. To add a rover, click the Add Rover button and fill in the Rover Model and Rover Serial No. fields (this data is informative and helps you identify your equipment if you have multiple rovers). After filling in the details, save the configuration by choosing Save from the right, at which point the login data will automatically be generated to access the ROMPOS services (visible in the dedicated area called ROMPOS Account).

NOTE: If you have set up a rover and haven't enabled a subscription on it, you won't be able to connect to the NTRIP service.

4. Activating a ROMPOS service subscription

From the Rovers section pick the rover to which you want to activate your subscription, and under the Rover subscription you will be able to select the activation date as well as the number of months of subscription. ROVER CONFIGURATION VIDEO

5. Rover configuration

Before accessing ROMPOS services please check if the communication settings required for internet access have been made. It is also necessary to enter the receiver:

• The IP address of the ROMPOS server or the equivalent domain name that is . (To avoid some connection issues, please use as much as possible instead of the IP address)
• The port for accessing the ROMPOS services, respectively 2101 for network and nearest produscts or 2105 for sigle base;
• User name and the rover’s password (from the management platform in Rovers section)

In order not to encounter connection problems we recommend that you perform a GNSS antenna reset as well as create an RTK profile from scratch. Find more details here.

B. ROMPOS services for post-processing (RINEX data)

Post-processing services consist of the delivery of RINEX files for geodesic applications requiring an increased level of accuracy and reliability, such as: execution of measurements in geodesic and lifting networks, photogrammetric sighting, determination of coordinates of control checkpoints for various engineering applications, etc
RINEX files can be delivered from any ROMPOS permanent station for any given day and for any time slot specified by the user, on condition that they exist in the ROMPOS database. Also, depending on the application they are needed for, RINEX files can be delivered at various sampling rates: 1s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s.

The order for RINEX files is available online on the rompos administration platform with immediate delivery, in the RINEX section. The selection is available in UTC format (Coordinated Universal Time) LT (Local Time) = UTC-2h (winter) and UTC-3 H (summer). The files are available as full hours at the sampling rate of 1s.

To order RINEX files as time fractions (ex 12:15-13:15) or other sampling rates please fill in the data request form ( This form is a dynamic pdf file, so it can be completed directly, and you don't need to print it. After completing the form with the required parameters (from which stations you want data, for what days, what time slots, which sampling rate and other details you find on the form), the only thing left is to place the order and to pay for the data. (for this workflow you are not paying through e-payment but only at the OCPI headquarters or to their accounts)
RINEX files offered are version 2.11 -

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